Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chicken Sandwich

Home-made chicken sanwiches are my favorite. Easy to make and a good Lunch option for all School-going kids. Some like it in a bun with Grilled chicken patty or with Chicken ham but what I like is a traditional Chicken Sandwich - shredded chicken in buttered, soft, white/brown bread. On a winter night, this tastes wonderful with a hot bowl of Chicken soup. A must try for all chicken sandwich lovers!
Here is what you need:
Slices of Bread  - if you don't like the sides, cut them
Pre-boiled shredded chicken
Cut the pieces of bread diagonally to get triangles. Now take a triangle and spread butter. Take a bowl and add the shredded chicken, add salt and pepper and toss the shredded chicken. Alternatively, you don't need to spread butter on the slices, but add butter in the shredded chicken with salt and pepper. Add to the slice and cover it with the other triangle to complete the sandwich. Now, munch away to happiness. Simple no? You can also add shredded lettuce to the chicken to make it crunchier!

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