Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rawa Fried Fish (Fish fried in Semolina)

It's very difficult to get nice fresh, white pomfret in Delhi. The ones that we get, have probably travelled the world and arrived in Delhi with diluted pupils and an unbearable smell. Nevertheless, my dear father attempts to search the entire Fish market to feed his son-in-law with his favorite Pomfret Fish! So, to pamper His highness even further, I make Pomfret Rawa Fry - a delicious fried fish dish which my mom-in-law makes at home. I am yet to master the act of making it perfect, but whatever I make, my husband happily gorges on them:)

You can make this with most of the sea fishes, but the ones that I have eaten and I can vouch that they taste amazing with Rawa are basically - Sole, Ghol fish, Pompret, Prawns and bombil(Bombay Duck). Here is the recipe:
1 Cup of Rawa or semolina
500gms of Sole/Promfret/Prawn/Ghol Fish thin slices or pieces
1 Tsp of crushed garlic, ginger
3-4 pieces of kokum leaves (optional) - crush it with the ginger and garlic
2 Tsp of Red Chilli powder
1 Tsp of lime juice
1 Tsp of Turmeric
3 Tbsp of Oil

Wash the fish and marinate it in the mixture of garlic, kokum leaves, ginger. Add the lime juice, salt, Turmeric and red chilli powder. keep the fish aside for 30mins.

Now, take the rawa on a plate. alternatively, you can also take Rice Flour instead of Rawa (Semolina). Now, pick one fish piece at a time and roll it on the plate containing the Semolina.

Take a frying pan and add 3 Tbsps of oil. Heat the oil. Once the oil is heated, put the fish for frying. Carefully turn it to fry the other side after 8-9mins. Similarly fry the rest of the fishes. Serve the fish on a plate with lemon wedges.

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